The PRBA, a non-profit organization, has identified four main goals:

1.  Support everyone who has a business in Pound Ridge, whether in the business district or home-based, including retailers, professional service providers and tradesmen.

We provide information about the business community through our newsletter, "Around The Corners". We publish a Walking Map of the business district. We sponsor special events to draw customers to town. We provide this web site as well as links to membersí web sites.

2.  Attract appropriate new businesses to the business district.

We provide advice and counsel to prospective business people who contact us.  Beginning in 2001 we inaugurated a marketing program to attract prospective business operators.   

3.  Take actions that will contribute to a prosperous business community.

Working with the Pound Ridge Town Board, we have developed an important information booklet, "Opening a Business In Pound Ridge".  We are working closely with the Pound Ridge Planning Board to solve infrastructure issues that will make it easier for existing businesses to operate and to attract new business operators.  We are also working with the planning board to identify opportunities to make our business district even more attractive and customer-friendly. 

4.  Serve the community in a variety of endeavors that will build goodwill between our neighbors and the business association.

We have sponsored events for the benefit of the Hiram Halle Memorial Library and The Pound Ridge Historical Society.  We have raised funds for the town fountain and clock.  We are engaged in year-round beautification of the business district, including the displays of spring, summer and fall flowers and the Christmas Decorations.  We also provide decorative pedestrian benches.

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